Welcome to Digital Art Collections (DAC). Our goal at DAC is to provide artists and venues with a new and exciting format for selling artwork: Limited-Edition Digital prints.

Thanks to blockchain technology, it is now possible to sell limited-edition digital prints by tying the ownership of each print to a unique signature token. The token represents ownership of the digital print and can be bought and sold by anyone wanting to collect the artist’s work.

DAC works with each artist or venue to create the signature tokens which are then used to create a special digital edition for a piece of art. The artist continues to retain their copyright in the work they have created, but they are able to use the signature tokens to license these unique digital prints to collectors.

The artist is fully involved in the process of creating the digital edition. They determine how to represent the original piece of art in a digital format, and they decide the number of prints that will be included in the edition. After everything is finalized, it cannot be changed by anyone, even the artist. The tokens are issued and the entire digital edition is permanently stored on the blockchain.

Join DAC today in ushering in the future of digital art ownership.