Artist FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
We are currently working on pricing and will have that information soon. We are determined to make it as affordable as possible for artists to get started on our platform. There will be a fee for the initial creation of the tokens, and we will take a commission whenever a token is sold.

Only Digital Art?
Currently we are only working with digital art, either created digitally or high quality photographs of physical art. We are not providing any photo editing services at this time. We recommend working with a photographer-friend or perhaps trading art for photography services if you are unable to create the digital prints yourself.

What EXACTLY would I be selling?
Our artists sell “Limited Edition Digital Prints” that come with a “Signature Token” to prove ownership. You will retain all copyrights to your work, but the token will grant a personal use license for the holder to use the art for non-commercial purposes and the right to make 3 physical prints of the artwork. Token holders will also receive a one-time commercial use license so that they can sell or trade the token in the future. Once someone sells or trades a token their personal use license expires and they must remove all copies of the print from their devices and social media.